WiFi Range Extender

Stable signal boosts with dual band technology, This Wi-Fi range extender can automatically choose high-quality band for better performance. It offers up to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz. Totally 1167Mbps is available for your use, maximizing reduces the loss of data transmission.

There is a newer model of this item:

Best Long Range Outdoor Wifi Extender Reviews


This Wi-Fi range extender works as a repeater and it comes highly recommended. It offers easy setup and a fantastic price. It is also built to be compatible with 99% of the routers out there, so you don’t need to worry about returning it once you try to set it up and find it’s not friends with the router you have at home.

This has reliable expansion options and works for both indoors and outdoors. However, it’s not weatherproof and you may need to find a protected place to install this outside or close to it. Furthermore, connection isn’t hampered by walls, which is great for those who prefer to keep it on an outside wall so it can offer Wi-Fi expansion both inside and out.

Here are some of the features:

  • Type: Repeater
  • Speed: 2.4G
  • Coverage: Up to 1,290 sq ft
  • Weight: 6.1 oz
  • Expandible: While the speed and bandwidth might change a little bit when the repeater is being repeated, you can add another Wi-Fi range repeater to this one to allow for broader coverage in your home and outside for convenience.

This one comes at a fantastic price compared to many other extenders, and it also is well-rated for a Wi-Fi repeater. As it’s not weatherproof, it’s best to use this to strengthen/extend Wi-Fi outside from a protected spot.


  • Great price
  • Easy setup
  • 1200 Mbps speed
  • Good reviews
  • Dual-band technology
  • Nearly 1,300 sq ft coverage
  • Compatible with 99% of routers on the market today
  • Signal indicator for optimum setup location
  • 360-degree coverage from repeater
  • One-button easy operation

Here are pros and cons as mentioned by past buyers:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions and setup
  • Reliable Wi-Fi expansion
  • Works as advertised
  • Good value for price
  • Fills holes in Wi-Fi
  • Helps extend Wi-Fi coverage
  • Easy setup
  • Works for a repeater (slower connections are normal for these)
  • May have lower speeds
  • Can have network sign in issues that can be resolved by support
Overall, this is a great outdoor Wi-fi extender for someone looking for ease of installation coupled with a reasonable price.
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Where to Plug in a Wi-Fi Extender

Some places to leave your new best Wi-Fi extender so that it can reach the outdoors include the following:

  1. In the garage
  2. By the backdoor
  3. On the roof (for certain antenna types)
  4. Connected to the router/modem
  5. In the kitchen
  6. In areas of the house where Wi-Fi lags
  7. Outside in a secure location (for weather-resistant options)
  8. In a weatherproof box for outside electronics
  9. In your outdoor office
  10. Upstairs/downstairs, as close to the outside area where you will be

Before plugging in or installing your Wi-Fi extender (for in-home or outdoor use), be sure to read all instructions carefully and make sure it is fully assembled. Some extenders do better once they have been reset, and this may be the first step you need to take before getting it set up. If you are having issues setting up the Wi-Fi extender, refer to the instructions, reset the extender, and possibly restart your modem/router/CPE.


Wi-Fi is the unseen tool we all need in our homes and home offices. It offers connection to the outside world, and sometimes that connection is required outside. Whether you’re planning on hosting an event outdoors and you need a strong Wi-Fi connection available, or whether you’ve just built a new office outside and you’re trying to extend your already-great Wi-Fi there, these best outdoor Wi-Fi extenders can help you.

These products have been well-reviewed and tested by many users to determine their quality and features. Choosing to use one of these excellent Wi-Fi extenders outside your home can improve your Wi-Fi quality and broaden it to meet your needs and expectations.


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