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Extremely budget Friendly (Under $30)

The good thing about these earphones is that they don’t cost a lot. You’d be surprised on how well the design fits for the earphones. It’s not outspoken, and the whole design follows a simple black/red color scheme. Senso did a great job at keeping everything as minimal as possible.You are going to love them. for Music lover


The headphones come with a nice carrying case, and you get three different size ear tips. If you are worried about the fit, the earphones do have soft textured flexible ear clips on both sides to make the fit easier to control.

Senso was kind enough to provide a small car charger for the wireless earphones. Although this is unusual, we hope more companies adopt this trend.Onto the sound quality and overall performance, these were the places that concerned us the most. The case with every budget-friendly earphones is that they are often missing out on having enough performance to them.


As for Senso earphones, the good thing is that they can deliver actual high-fidelity sound quality. Sure, you’re not going to get the same performance you get from high-end earphones, but what you’re getting is more than enough.

Another good thing about this product is that these earphones come with an IPX7 rating. The rating means that you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing them in high-intensity workouts.

I don’t have any major issues with this product. The device is Hi-Fi capable, IPx7 certified, has excellent noise cancellation, the sound quality is on top, and they are comfortable. Senso has done a great job. The only complaint we have is that the earpieces are kind of big, but not obnoxious.

  • Sound perfect for the price you pay.
  • Earphones come packed with a lot of accessories.
  • They have an IPX7 rating and can play Hi-Fi audio files.
  • Comfortable for long periods of usage.
  • The noise cancellation works well.

The earpieces are a bit too big for liking 

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The best headphones for running This pair lets in environmental noise to keep you safe and sounds better than the competition. The BackBeat Fit 2100 earbuds are tough, comfortable, and resistant to water and sweat, and they have a battery life of seven-plus hours.

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  1. TylerTheTechTinkerer

    As good as you’ll ever need.
    These were a lot better than I was expecting, here’s some pros and cons

    1. Great sound and bass, compared to my 50 dollar Sony over ear wired headphones, they are about 80% as good. Nice noticeable bass, not as good as said headphones, but pretty good. Highs are pretty good aswell, can definitely hear that treble. Clarity is iffy, a bit muddy but nothing that’s noticeable without trying to look for flaws. It’s very loud aswell.

    2. Battery is good right out the box, been listening to music ever since I got them 4 hours ago.

    3.easy to pair, just turned them on and found them in the bluetooth settings.

    4. Lots of different accessories and eartips, the small ones are the best for me. TWO DIFFERENT CHARGERS, HAIL TO MICRO USB

    5. Fit pretty well, too well actually, residual pain does occur so be ready for that, it’s not their fault just the earbud design. But it does not and will not fall out.

    6. Easy controls, they are located in the right headphone.

    7. You can use Google assistant while phone is off, if you hold down the button for a second it will say voice dial but really it’s just the assistant. Cool if you need a quick fact but don’t want to get your phone out.

    8. Calls are pretty good, people can understand me fine on the other end.

    9. Perfect for any occasion, school, public, workouts, jogs, push ups, work and even home.

    10. Small and compact, can carry in pocket anywhere or around neck

    1. They hurt your ears when you wear them for any length of time, oof my ears. Also random really high pitch noises when listening to music, unless your ears are good level like mine you won’t notice.

    2. The cord is a minor inconvenience but you already know this.

    3. Some slight static noise, hardly noticeable, am I hearing things?

    4. They can’t make me toast.

    Conclusion: Are these the best headphones out there? No. Can you buy a better pair for $29.97? No. Don’t buy anything more expensive, unless you really want super fantastic awesome sound. Plus these come with ballin accessories that could potentially cost more than the product itself! ( I honestly don’t know how they could pack so much accessories into this product, have it cost 30 bucks and it still be good quality, mind blower. I still can’t find where they cut corners other than maybe the build quality, it doesn’t look 100% like the picture but it does enough.) If you’re on the edge between these and some more expensive but essentially the same headphones, get these.