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If you prefer a charger that holds your phone flat, this model will charge your phone as fast as the best stand-style chargers and still includes a wall charger and cable in the box.In my mind, the biggest selling point for RAVpower’s Fast Wireless Charger is its sleek design. It’s one of the most futuristic looking chargers on our list. When I put a wired charger next to a RAVPower, I feel like the RAVpower is an artifact left behind by a time traveler from the 24th century. That’s how good the design is.


The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger (RP-PC034) is a great option if you prefer your phone to lay flat while charging. It has the same 10-watt charging coil as the RP-PC069, so it will charge your phone just as fast, and it comes with the same cable and AC adapter. You might prefer a pad-style charger because they’re generally less expensive than equally fast as stand-style chargers or if you’d rather not be tempted to look at your screen.

Charging speed: 7.5 W for iPhones, 10 W for Android phones
Input port: Micro-USB
Included in the box: charging pad, 4-foot Micro-USB cable, 24 W QC 3.0 wall charger

A wireless charger also frees up the Lightning-connector or USB-C port so you can use wired headphones while charging.

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Anker Fast Wireless Charger Price – 16.99 

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